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A Rest in the Nest

My 2023 season...

Level 1 Decluttering for the Faint of Heart

You've dealt with the garbage, now what?

Level 0 When You are a Clutter Procrastinator

Where to start when you avoiding dealing with the clutter around you...

I don't have enough...

Do you find yourself singing the anthem... "I don't have enough__"

Harnessing the POWER of the Container

You think containers are items to store things.... items to contain more items... BUT do you really know their power and how you can utilize it as a tool in your Clutter Liberation journey?

Embrace the Slow Steady Pace

Massive declutter efforts move you forward but are they sustainable? We all love the quick fixes - the big before and after images -- but what happens a week after the big after picture?

You have Permission to Change

Thinking you can't, shouldn't. or fear change can keep you stuck in your clutter. A lot of clutter comes from ingrained thoughts and habits. You have permission to change!

There is no Shame in knowing Why

Shame can stop your Clutter Liberation journey - don't let it, the freedom on the other side is so. much. greater. Know your whys, put shame behind you and move forward.

The Lies I Found in my Clutter

Your clutter tells a story, some are truthful and some are just downright lies, here is a story I faced on my declutter journey.

Home so much it's not home anymore?

It's been 2 long years since THAT march break, you know the one... where the kiddos came home from school and then stayed....  I have lived, played, and worked in my 🏠 home all this time.  So much so that it doesn't feel like home anymore.  Can I tell you? I am done with my nest.


Welcome to Nest Feathers. 

I value all things HOME and at the heart of it, I value peace and good flow. Room to be, and room to grow.  That means we have to continually let go of stuff that we've collected and used in due time.  I help you get over the hurdles where you are stuck, with encouragement, wisdom, insight, and action.

I'm your Declutter Coach,
Diane Berkers

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